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When fragrance shoppers prefer colognes in the woody grouping, they’ll enjoy the smells of cedar, sandalwood, and agar wood. Colognes with aquatic smells have a fresh, clean scent, and in order to create the fragrance, producers typically layer citrus and light floral scents. This is an incense fragrance that comes from an ancient ingredient called […]

Handicapped Badass: Hyouma, Koshirou and Gennosuke when he’s temporarily blinded. Juubei also counts as he was the first in the anime to kill Tenzen with a knife concealed in his throat and wielded with his tongue and outrun the Iga ninja without arms or legs. Hiccup Hijinks: In one episode Oboro gets the hiccups. High […]

As of Sounds of the Universe, they’re leaning more towards industrial electro rock. Nerd Glasses: Fletch, big time. He’s gone through several over the years: 1990 circa 2000 and now. New Sound Album: A lot of them. A Broken Frame First album without Vince, no Alan, comparatively moody. Construction Time Again Alan comes on board, […]

Inherent lies in name: 1. Oppression level: sadistic.Democratic Republic of the Congo. Inherent lies in name: 2. Oppression level: genocidal.People’s Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lies in name; 3. Oppression level: inhuman.Shiny, Happy People’s Democratic Republic of the Congo. Inherent lies in name: 5. Oppression level: HIDE.Robot War: The Constitutional Robocracy appears to take place […]

Ascended Extra: O’Brien was originally a background actor with some lines on TNG but he kept coming back and became a more and more prominent recurring character until becoming a full blown series regular aboard DS9. Captain Ersatz: A very strange example in that he played the father of the family in all three adaptations […]

So they staked their collective fortunes, lives, and sacred honor to change the odds. And they shared in the victory of the Cold War. just in time for the old idealists to die off and be replaced by psychopaths who want to pillage the fallen Soviet Empire for their own profit. Multinational Celine Outlet Team: […]

Canon Discontinuity: Gallows’ previous run in WWE has yet to be mentioned since his return, even though he’s using the same name. Probably to avoid mentioning CM Punk. Catch Phrase: In his second run in WWE, he tends to call his adversaries “nerds.” Cluster F Bomb: He and Karl Anderson spewed the F Bomb often […]

Jean of Attack on Titan starts off incredibly self assured and cocky, confident that he’ll slide through training so he can join the top brass of the Military Police who, ironically, are the least likely to fight Titans. Once he gets caught up in a surprise attack and is forced to battle the Titans, he’s […]