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anthony swarzak diagnosed with strained left calf Hermes Replica Bags I did not love Florabotanica, in fact, I didn’t have any strong feelings about it either way. It doesn’t have as much personality as its packaging, but it’s hardly the first in that line, and while it did not smell particularly youthful to me, yes, […]

Mitsuka Yoshimine from DearS. Her age is never specified but she sure looks like she’s at least 25, and despite the ridiculously Stripperiffic costumes she routinely wears (and/or strips out of) while teaching a high school class (presumably full of horny high school age boys), plus the fact that pretty much everything that comes out […]

On a sunny weekday afternoon in late December, a rumor circulated that Little Farm’s mysterious new Chinese owners were onsite for a business meeting. Marleine Bastien, a feisty Haitian American activist with a loud voice and big heart, led a small group of residents to the manager’s office. On the way, they passed an enormous […]

Quality of Svc. (QoS): Customers who use more than 23GB of data during a billing cycle will be deprioritized during times places where the Sprint network is constrained. Usage Limitations:To improve data experience for the majority of users, throughput may be limited, varied or reduced on the network. Valentino Replica Bags He received an Oscar […]

Ascended Extra: O’Brien was originally a background actor with some lines on TNG but he kept coming back and became a more and more prominent recurring character until becoming a full blown series regular aboard DS9. Captain Ersatz: A very strange example in that he played the father of the family in all three adaptations […]

Though Cota’s been incredibly busy with his own label (he’s moving into the CFDA Fashion Incubator next season), his collaboration with Aldo and upcoming spring line, he has managed to catch a little bit of Paris Fashion Week. His favorite thus far? “Haider Ackermann for sure,” he says. “His is always the first show I […]

Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit heard oral arguments in the case of Gavin Grimm, a high school junior in Virginia who identifies as transgender. School administrators allowed Grimm to use the bathroom for two months, according to lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union, before his bathroom use became the subject of […]